Which Twilight Guy is for You Quiz - Twilight Guy Test


Love the hot guys from Twilight? Which Twilight Guy is right for you?? Find out, with this fun quiz. It's the only way to know.

  1. If your boyfriend had one bad vice, which of these would you be able to tolerate?

  2. How would you want your boyfriend to react when you are upset with him?

  3. Which of these prom dresses would you pick to wear for the Prom at Forks High?

  4. If your Twilight guy had a bad day, what would you do to cheer him up?

  5. Hey Twilight Fans! Are you a guy who likes Twilight guys?

  6. Which of these qualities would you want your Twilight guy to appreciate MOST about you?

  7. Which of these gifts would you want your Twilight guy to surprise you for your birthday?