The Impossible Quiz


This quiz is so impossible that you might never be able to pass it! Muah ha ha ha! Take this fun, yet tough, quiz to see how you score! Few people pass it...can you?

  1. What letter has not appeared at all in this entire quiz?

  2. You're in the woods, and it's dark out-pitch black-I mean REALLY DARK, but you have a match, and you have some stuff that you can light on fire. So, what do you light first?

  3. There are three houses; one red, one blue, and one white. The red house is to the left of the house in the middle and the blue house is to the right to the house in the middle, so where is the white house?

  4. If you were looking at an analog clock, which time, below, would display if the hour hand and the minute hand lined up?

  5. Because men and women may provide different answers, it's impossible to score your quiz unless your gender is taken into consideration. You are...

  6. Which of the following divides at the fastest rate?

  7. What did the ocean say to the shore?