The Dumb Test 2


The Dumb Test 2, an even dumberer test than the original Dumb Test! Test your dumbness with this extra dumb test. Are you dumb? Bet you don't know. Find out with the dumb test 2!

  1. How many colors are there in the rainbow?

  2. What do dolphins drink?

  3. What shape did colonial settlers think the earth was?

  4. If three apples are worth two oranges, how many oranges are 24 apples worth?

  5. True or False?: Dumb guys like dumb girls.

  6. A mute man goes to buy a toothbrush. By miming the action of brushing his teeth, he shows what he wants. Then a blind man wants to buy sunglasses, how does he indicate what he wants?

  7. If you have 20 coins worth $1.35, and you only have nickels and dimes, how many do you have of each coin?