Dumb Quiz - Are You Dumb?


Hey Dumby McDumbDumb...how dumb are you? Super dumb or just a little dumb? Take this fun Dumb Quiz to see! We challenge you to a Dumb Quiz!

  1. If all of Australia sank into the ocean, which of the following would become the world's new largest island?

  2. Which of the following times occur after 3pm?

  3. Two U.S. coins are worth a total of $0.30, and one of them is not a nickel. What are the coins?

  4. When you adjust for inflation, which is worth more:

  5. Who is dumber, boys or girls? What is your dumb opinion?

  6. John digs a hole that is 2 yards wide, 3 yards long, and 1 yard deep. How many cubic feet of dirt are in it?

  7. If the Vice President of the United States died, who would be President?