Quiz on Thanksgiving Day Facts


Love Thanksgiving Day? Know a lot about it? Take the Thanksgiving Quiz to test your Thanksgiving Day knowledge! Know enough to pass the Thanksgiving Quiz?

  1. Why were the Wampanoag Indians invited to the first Thanksgiving celebration by the Pilgrims?

  2. Who was the Wampanoag Indians' translator for communicating with the Pilgrims?

  3. What living museum recreates Pilgrim life in the 1620's?

  4. A turkey under the age of 16 weeks is called a fryer. What is the name for a 5-7 month old turkey?

  5. At the time of the first Thanksgiving, things were very different for men and women. Everyone, though, helped prepare the food. These days, who do you think works harder to prepare the Thanksgiving meal?

  6. What day is officially Thanksgiving Day every year?

  7. Cranberry sauce is a staple of a good Thanksgiving dinner. When making homemade cranberry sauce, how do you know a cranberry is of high quality and fresh?