Stupid Quizzes

These stupid quizzes are so much fun! Some just stupid, and some are really stupid, but they're all fun! Try one the Dumb Spot stupid quizzes!


  • Which Twilight guy do you love more? Who do you think is right for Bella, Edward or Jacob? Are you on Team Jacob or Team Edward?
  • What the Family Guy? Ever wonder which of the crazy Family Guy characters you are? Find out! The Family Guy Quiz will tell you.
  • Are You Fat? Ever wonder, Am I Fat? This funny personality test will quiz you to see if you are fat or not! How fun...THE FAT TEST!
  • Are you totally, hopelessly stupid? Take this Stupid Quiz to see! A fun personality quiz to see, "Are You Stupid?" THE STUPID QUIZ...find out now!
  • What's your IQ? Take this INTELLIGENCE TEST and find out. Your trivia IQ high enough to pass the Intelligence Test?
  • This fun quiz is impossibly hard! Try the IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ and see if you can do the impossible and get a perfect score on this quiz!
  • For all the guys - are you a real man? Wonder how manly you are? Be a man - find out!
  • Want to live in a big city? The Country? Test your personality and answer the question, "where should I live" with the WHERE TO LIVE QUIZ!
  • Enjoy South Park? Laugh so hard you almost pee your pants? Cool, then find out which hilarious South Park character you are!
  • Are you a loser?Maybe! But what kind? Are you a dork,nerd, geek, or loser? Test yourself with the AM I A LOSER QUIZ and have a laugh with our geeky quiz!
  • Which of the Seven Deadly Sins Are You? Greed, sloth, vanity, wrath, envy, gluttony, or lust? What is your sin? Find out what kind of deadly sin you are with the Seven Deadly Sins Test!
  • Are you punk? What type of punk are you? Find out how punk you are with the PUNK TEST. This quiz is so punk, it may spit on you once you finish taking it.
  •! Love coffee? What kind of coffee are you? Find out which kind of coffee you are. The WHICH KIND OF COFFEE ARE YOU TEST!
  • This free CAREER PERSONALITY QUIZ helps determine which career is right for you based on your personality. Take the Career Personality Quiz!
  • Do you know pop culture trivia? Our pop culture trivia test quizzes you on pop culture facts. See if you're a pop culture wiz with POP CULTURE TEST.
  • Are you a Democrat? Republican? Neither? Quiz yourself with this fun political party test! Take the POLITICAL PARTY TEST to find out!
  • If you are a Transformers fan and you can't wait for Transformers 2, you shoudl take this quiz! Which Transformer would you be? Take this quiz to find out which Transformers character you are most like!
  • Know your one hit wonders? Test your trivia knowledge with the ONE HIT WONDERS TRIVIA quiz. Match these one hit wonder songs with their artists!
  • Want to switch careers? Which career is right for you? Take the Career Test to see. The CAREER TEST, our free online career test for you!
  • Are you a Conservative or a Liberal? If you're not sure, take this fun and informative Conservative or Liberal Quiz!
  • What WWE RAW Wrestler are you? If you like WWE Wrestling, take this fun WWE Quiz to see what WWE wrestler you are.
  • Do you have a crush on someone and wonder, "Does he like me?" Take the Love Test and find out if he likes you back! Does he like you as a friend, or more than a friend? Find out if it's love with the Love Test!
  • Which Avatar Character are you? Take the Avatar Quiz and find out!
  • Are you a Girly Girl or a Tomboy? The Girl Test will tell you, see which you are now!