Are You Stupid?


Some people are a little stupid and some people are, well, 100% stupid...which are you? Are you stupid at all? The Stupid Quiz tells you how stupid you are!

  1. A house has four walls, each of which faces south. A man in the house looks out the window and sees a bear. What color is the bear?

  2. By what fractional part does four-fourths exceed three-fourths?

  3. Read the following sentence slowly once counting the number of F's... "Final Files Are The Result Of Years Of Scientific Study With The Experience Of Years". How many F's are there?

  4. Can a baseball pitcher throw a baseball at 60 miles per hour, and without it touching any other object or surface, have it stop and come right back to him?

  5. What do you think of gender stereotypes about one gender or the other being stupid?

  6. How many times can you fold a plastic drinking straw in half?

  7. A straight road runs through a forest that is 100 miles across. You have 10 gallons of gas in your car, and your car gets 10 miles per gallon. How far can you drive into the forest without running out of gas?