Pop Music Trivia Test


Is music your life? Are you on the cutting edge of all new pop music? The take the Pop Music Trivia Test to see how much you know!

  1. Everyone knows Justin Timberlake's first solo album, but what was the name of JC Chasez's first solo album?

  2. Which pop star raps these lyrics?: I drive my Mini Cooper / And I'm feeling super-dooper / Yo they tell me I'm a trooper / And you know I'm satisfied

  3. Which of these artists has never collaborated with Timbaland?

  4. Which pop star asks everyone to shake their bon bon in one of their songs?

  5. What would your pop music identity be?

  6. Which American Idol contestant has had the most number one hits?

  7. Which boy band sings the following lyrics?: For the rest of my life / You don't have to think twice / I will love you still / From the depths of my soul / It's beyond my control