Pop Culture Tests


Are you filled with tons of useless knowledge? Especially about pop culture? Test your vast pop culture knowledge with this fun test!

  1. At the beginning of Stephen King's career, his publisher wanted to limit the number of novels he wrote lest the public get sick of him. King's solution was to write some of his books under a pseudonym. What is the name?

  2. What is the name of the only female smurf in the cartoon, the Smurfs?

  3. What television show featured a baby screaming the one-liner, "Not the mama!

  4. On the television show Friends, Joey and Chandler had a whiteboard posted on the back of their front door. What do Rachel and Monica have on the back of their door?

  5. If you're taking this pop culture quiz, you must be a girl, right? Girls are usually much more into pop culture.

  6. What is the real name of the Batman villain Two-Face?

  7. Which celebrity inspired the hit HBO show, Entourage?