Obama IQ Quiz - Can You Beat Obama's IQ Score?


Barack Obama is smart. Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize...Obama's IQ is 145! Think you're just as smart as President Obama? Find out, with this Obama IQ Test. It's the only way to tell.

  1. Which of the following makes the best comparison? Daughter is to Father as Niece is to ____?

  2. Michelle received both the fifteenth highest and the fifteenth lowest mark in the class. How many students are in the class?

  3. Of the following words, which is last if you arrange them in alphabetical order?

  4. Three coins are tossed in the air at the same time. What are the chances that at least 2 of the coins will fall tails up?

  5. Barack Obama doesn't think gender affects your IQ. What do you think?

  6. What month goes next in the series? January, February, April, July, November, April, ?

  7. Billy and Bob share cookies in a ratio of 3:8. If Bob has 56 cookies, how many does Billy have?