New Moon Test - How Well do I Know New Moon?


Have you read all the Twilight books? Love New Moon? Answer: "How Well do I Know New Moon?". Take this fun New Moon Test about New Moon and enter for a chance to win a trip to the New Moon premiere!

  1. True or False: Emily Young received the scars on her face when a bear mauled her in the mountains.

  2. Which character spoke these words in the Twilight book, New Moon?: "Look at it this way, Bella. You're very lucky I was the one to find you.

  3. Which of these things is NOT something Bella did in order to hear Edward's voice?

  4. Before her birthday celebration ends in tragedy, what gift did Bella receive from Carlisle and Esme?

  5. When a female vampire loses her mate, she will seek revenge. This happened to Victoria in New Moon. Is this true for male vampires too?

  6. Who of these is NOT an elder of the Volturi?

  7. The gene Jacob possesses, that is capable of turning him into a werewolf, is only triggered when which of these things happen?