Manly Test - Are You a Real Man?


Do you sit on the couch day after day pondering the age old question, "Am I a Real man?" If so, we have just the test for you - the Manly Test. Assess your man-liness from the comfort of your own home!

  1. If your lady asked you to open up a jar of mayonnaise, you would...

  2. Have you ever asked for directions when you were lost?

  3. When picking up a lady, you're most likely to say which of these things to let her know you're interested?

  4. Does your lady like your facial hair?

  5. The Manly Test is for...well, dudes. So, fellas, how important is this test?

  6. Your preferred mode of non-vehicular method of transportation is...

  7. The last time you cried was...