Lost Trivia Test - Do You Know LOST?


Do you love watching LOST? Are you a devoted LOST fan? You probably know everything about LOST so test your LOST knowledge with this awesome trivia test!

  1. What amount of money was offered as a reward for Kate's arrest?

  2. Why was Charlie on a flight leaving Australia?

  3. We find out that Locke was previously paralyzed before the crash, but not always. How long was he paralyzed for?

  4. Which episode shares its title with that of a book also seen in the episode?

  5. Lost is among the most popular shows on TV. Do you think Lost is more popular among guys or girls?

  6. Before the start of Season 4, a flight attendant's boyfriend launched a website in an effort to find flight 815. What is his name?

  7. Sawyer has to give up using nicknames for a week after he loses a ping pong game. Who beats him?