Idiot Test - Are You An Idiot?


Are you an ideot? Is that spelled right? Do you know? Either way, take this Idiot Test to determine your level of idiocy. Are you a big idiot? Find out!

  1. Does your first name start with a vowel or a consonant?

  2. Choose four letters to complete this analogy. H IS TO GRAM as D IS TO...

  3. String cheese is...

  4. An idiot may or may not know this, but who was the original creator of Grey's Anatomy?

  5. We'd like to find out which gender has the most idiots. What are you?

  6. A farmer near Mt. Fuji, Japan has raised the world's most perfect plum tree. The main trunk has exactly 9 branches, each branch has exactly 9 boughs, each bough exactly 9 stems, and each stem bears exactly one perfect piece of fruit, which all reach maturity at exactly the same time. On the day before the tree is harvested, how many apples are on the tree?

  7. Would it be cheaper to take one friend to the movies twice, or take two friends to the movies both at the same time?