How Dumb Are You?


Think you might be smart? Want to test it? See how dumb you really are with this fun dumb test!

  1. The world population is over 6 billion, consisting of both men and women. Which of the following is closest to the number of women in the world's population?

  2. Which of these Roman numerals is half of five?

  3. John needs to paint a fence that is 2 meters long and 1 meter high. He reads the label on his paint, and it says one can of pain can cover 2 square meters of surface area. How many cans of paint does he need to pain the fence?

  4. A standard 8.5 x 11 inch magazine is made from 11 x 17 inch sheets of paper that are stapled and folded up the middle, to produce two 8.5 x 11 inch sides. To produce a magazine that is 64 pages long including the front and back covers, how many 11 x 17 sheets are needed?

  5. How dumb are women and men? Who scores dumber on this test? Enter your gender to test how dumb each gender is.

  6. In a recent poll, 1000 Americans were asked for their opinions of the President and his policies. 67% of respondents said they support the President, 23% said they were "somewhat concerned" about the country's future, and 10% said they hope the President's policies fail. What portion of the respondents said they had no opinion?

  7. If a man is murdered on an Air France flight from New York to Paris, while the plane is flying over international waters halfway between the U.S. and France, where will he be charged for the crime?