Dumb Tests

Do you think you're dumb? I do. Prove me wrong! Take our fun dumb tests and find out if you're dumb, or if you're really dumb!


  • I think you're dumb--prove me wrong! Test your dumb level with our DUMB QUIZ. Are you dumb enough for our quiz? Find out!
  • Barack Obama's big ears may look dumb, but he's no dummy. Test your smarts with the Barack Obama trivia quiz.
  • Have you failed the Dumb Test? How dumb are you? Take this dumb quiz and test how dumb you are. The "How Dumb Are You" Quiz.
  • Hey, idiot! Ha! You looked. Are you an idiot? Take our idiodic quiz, THE IDIOT TEST and find out if you're a total idiot. Well what are waiting for?
  • Are you a total Ditz? Have you been called a Dumb Blonde...even though you aren't blonde? Take the fun Ditzy Quiz to see if you are a Total Ditz or not.
  • Love the Twilight series? Then you'll want to know which Twilight guy is right for you! Which Twilight guy are you meant to spend forever with?
  • Need a Tattoo Design? The Tattoo Test will help tell which Tattoo is right for you! A tattoo is forever...so make sure you know which Tattoo is for you!
  • Where should you vacation? Need vacation ideas? Take our Vacation Quiz to see where you should go!
  • Danger: Do NOT take this Danger Test. You have been warned.
  • Is your IQ higher than Obama's IQ? Barack Obama’s IQ is 145...impressive, huh? It's You vs Barack Obama - Think you're smarter than Barack Obama? Find out.
  • What should you get Pierced? If you wonder what piercing you should get, take this Piercing Test.
  • Take this free online IQ test to find out what your real IQ is! This IQ QUIZ will test your IQ...think you have a high IQ? Find out!
  • The Dumb Test 2, Now even Dumberer. Are you dumb? Take the Dumb Test 2 to see!
  • What form would your patronus take? Take our Patronus Test to find out what your patronus is!
  • Wonder, am I in love? Is it true love, love love, or teen love? Test your love with the AM I IN LOVE QUIZ. Our love quizzes can help you if you're in love.
  • What kind of liquor are you? What's your poison? Are you rum, tequila, vodka? Find out which liquor you are with our fun Liquor Quiz!
  • Do you have a fun personality? Are you fun to hang out with? Take this FUN PERSONALITY TEST & learn more about your personality.
  • For all the guys - are you a real man? Wonder how manly you are? Be a man - find out!
  • Enjoy South Park? Laugh so hard you almost pee your pants? Cool, then find out which hilarious South Park character you are!
  • Are you a Harry Potter fan? How would you score on an O.W.L.s exam? Take the Harry Potter O.W.L.s test to find out.
  • Which of the Seven Deadly Sins Are You? Greed, sloth, vanity, wrath, envy, gluttony, or lust? What is your sin? Find out what kind of deadly sin you are with the Seven Deadly Sins Test!
  • Are you a nerd? Do you know? If you think you might be a nerd and want to test it, take this fun personality quiz to see!! The NERD QUIZ...Are You Nerdy?
  • Do you follow US economics news? Test your knowledge of the US financial state and US economics with this economy trivia test.
  • Which teen movie stereotype are you? Take our TEEN MOVIE PERSONALITY TEST and see which teen movie personality type you are.
  • Think you know all Christmas movies? Do you watch Christmas movies all year-round? Then take the Christmas Movie Quiz to test your Christmas Movie knowledge!
  • Test your Christmas trivia knowledge with our tricky quiz! The Christmas Trivia Quiz, a fun trivia test!
  • Do you know your pop music trivia? Test your knowledge of pop music with our quiz about POP MUSIC TRIVIA.
  • Think you know a little about St. Valentine's Day? Test yourself with this fun Valentine's Day Trivia Test! Fun Valentine's Day quiz, just for you.
  • Are you a Halloween buff? Think you know Halloween? Take the Halloween Quiz to test your Halloween knowledge!
  • Do you like Thanksgiving? Can you pass a Thanksgiving Quiz? Thanksgiving quizzes are the only way to test your Thanksgiving knowledge, so take it now!
  • Which Twilight character should you dress up as for Halloween? Find out!
  • What WWE RAW Wrestler are you? If you like WWE Wrestling, take this fun WWE Quiz to see what WWE wrestler you are.
  • If you were a rock star, what kind would you be? An emo rocker? Alternative rocker? Find out!
  • Are you a Girly Girl or a Tomboy? The Girl Test will tell you, see which you are now!