Dumb People

People can be so dumb. Do you like to laugh at dumb people? Check out the dumb things these stupid people try to do. It's so dumb!


  • Watch this dumb grape lady as she has an accident while mashing grapes on live tv! So funny. What a dumb grape lady.
  • Watch this funny clip of this poor dumb miss teen USA contestant and marvel at how dumb she is! This dumb girl talks but makes absolutely no sense!
  • This is what happens when dummies go mountain climbing! Check out this dumb mountain golfing dude as he tries to show off for the camera! What a dumb dude.
  • Check out even more dumb stuff that's even more dumber
  • This picture shows a dumb bunch of drunk men as they try to make their pool party interesting. Hopefully they have a friend not in the pool to call 911!
  • See this dumb chick as she learns gun safety the hard way! This gun is way too powerful for this dumb chick to shoot, but she does it anyway.
  • Dumb reporter...don't open your mouth while looking up at a bird-infested tree! People getting pooped on is so funny. Watch this dumb reporter get pooped on!
  • What will these dumb celebrities do next? Keep tabs on your favorite dumb celebrities with the latest entertainment news!
  • Does something dumb happen to you today? Find out with our fun daily horoscope!


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