Dumb Kid vs Tuba Player

What happens when a dumb kid runs through the marching band? Watch the video and find out... Dumb kid zero, tuba player one!

Don't you hate when dumb people run through parade routes or run onto the field in stadiums or try to get up on stage at concerts? What a DUMB way to get attention! The dumb kid in this video thinks it'd be funny to try and run through the marching band. And he makes it almost all the way through...but then he gets what he deserves for his dumbness. Keep your eye on the tuba player. Enjoy!

Now kids, the lesson here is that you should always mind your own business and not go messing around in places where you don't belong. In other words, don't be dumb! Actually, what am I saying, if it wasn't for dumb kids like this one, we here at Dumb Spot would be out of a job.

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