Dumb Tests and Funny Dumb Stuff

  • Don't you want to marry a Jonas Brother? Take this fun quiz to test which Jonas Brother is right for you.
  • I think you're dumb--prove me wrong! Test your dumb level with our DUMB QUIZ. Are you dumb enough for our quiz? Find out!
  • Which Twilight guy do you love more? Who do you think is right for Bella, Edward or Jacob? Are you on Team Jacob or Team Edward?
  • Are you a celebrity? Find out your celebrity personality with our What Celebrity Am I Quiz! Which celebrity are you?
  • Barack Obama's big ears may look dumb, but he's no dummy. Test your smarts with the Barack Obama trivia quiz.
  • What the Deuce...like Family Guy? Ever wonder which of the crazy Family Guy characters you are? Find out! The Family Guy Quiz will tell you.
  • Redneck quizzes rock, and this is the best one yet. Are you a redneck? Take our fun redneck quiz to find out the truth about yourself. The Redneck Test!
  • Heaven and Hell? Find out if you'll go to Heaven or Hell with this funny quiz! Great test to determine...do you know? The Heaven or Hell Test will tell you!
  • Which Twilight character are you? Take this fun quiz, the Twilight Test, and find out which character you are!
  • How do you know a blonde is taking a quiz? Don't know? Then you might want to take the BLONDE TEST and find out if you're a dumb blonde!

  • This dumb game is called curveball. The object is to get the ball past your opponent's paddle. Enough said.
  • Watch this dumb game show moment if you want to laugh...what is he doing? Can you tell? The host and the contestant are laughing to hard to talk! So funny!
  • Watch this dumb grape lady as she has an accident while mashing grapes on live tv! So funny. What a dumb grape lady.
  • Somewhere in Tennessee, there are some really dumb lawmakers who made a dumb skunk law prohibiting skunks from being your friends. Why, Tennessee, why?
  • Funny dumb video. Dumb kid gets tripped by tuba player. Guess the dumb kid shouldn't have run through the marching band! Dumb kid zero, tuba player one!